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Guest of the week: Feb. 22-26

BROADCASTING: Monday, Feb. 22, 2021

 Hal Selfmade - Street Watch LA 

Meet Hal Selfmade, a volunteer from Street Watch LA, and advocate for houseless folk

Today we discussed the tiny homes that were recently constructed in Noho, and the many issues that arise, and perpetuate from them. Hal explains the many issues of classism,  criminalization, and stigmatization that come from these types of projects and how the money could have been better spent in regards to houseless people in LA. 

To learn more, you can read Hal's article Who Anti-Unhoused Legislation Harms written for Knock LA.

Additionally, If you would like to tip Hal for the generous work he has done, please free to do so at these addresses: 

Cashapp : $HalcyonSelfmade

Venmo : @Halcyon_Selfmade

Paypal : @HalcyonSelfmade

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