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Guest of the week: July 19th-23rd

BROADCASTING: Wednesday (7/21) 8:30 AM

Jennifer - Dual Crossroads, LLC

 Dual Crossroads is a  place that focuses on energy purification, spiritual cleansing, and allowing others to gain knowledge through new experiences. Though originally based in South Pasadena, Dual Crossroads has recently moved to its new location in Pasadena on Lincoln avenue. If you would like to learn more about dual crossroads, you can visit their website at, visit their Instagram or Facebook page @dualcrossroads. 

Jennifer's interview has been broken up into two parts, part one airing 7/14, the second part airing 7/21. Once both parts are broadcasted, the full interview will be released below.

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Dual Crossroads

Broadcasting Wednesday 7/20 at 8:30 am

Tune in to hear the second half of  Jennifer's interview on Local Love. Hear about the ways in which Jennifer adapted Dual Crossroads to covid restrictions, the lessons she will continue to apply to her shop that she learned in quarantine, and advice she has to other women pursuing a business of their own. 

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